Purple World 02

   I started creating art at the age of 10 combining my digital skills with street graffiti and since then I've been passionate about using my art to bring something positive and hopeful to our often tough reality. My inspiration comes from a self-imagined parallel fantasy, where all of humanity's values are played within an unexpected way. 


     Through my idea to transform the way we see and interact with nature, I was able to create an augmented reality experience that would transform nature’s main color, green, into the most unexpected and vibrant shade of purple.


     Purple Valley was born, allowing users to dive into their own fantasy by changing anything containing green pixels (from a small leaf to an entire forest) into an unknown world in real-time. People from all over the globe choose to use the Purple Valley effect, with the number of impressions surpassing the 5 billion mark, 21,000 Instagram stories being shared per day and more than 150 million photos being taken since the filter’s release in early 2020. It’s been internationally recognized by a variety of media platforms such as VOGUE Brasil; LensList (one of the Top 5 Inspirational Effects) and has also been used by several international celebrities, such as Paris Hilton, Maluma, Alicia Keys, Chiara Ferragni and others.

Every time the effect is used, it helps reinvent a new imaginary world through the user’s lenses. 

Based in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil