Purple Valley is an augmented reality experience that transforms all natural items that are green into purple (trees, plants, etc). It became viral on Instagram in 2020 through my initial idea to transform the way we see and interact with nature.

   People from all over the globe choose to use the Purple Valley effect on a daily basis, with the number of impressions surpassing the 5 billion mark, more than 150 million photos taken and an average of 21,000 Instagram stories being shared per day. It’s been internationally recognized by a variety of media platforms such as VOGUE Brasil, LensLists and it has also been used by several international celebrities, such as Paris Hilton, Maluma, Alicia Keys, Chiara Ferragni, and others. As we speak, there is a user playing with Purple Valley right now. 


   To make it interactive, it was decided to create special characters that would make the filter unsearchable, so, in order to access the experience, the user would have to first have seen the effect through someone else’s eyes. That aspect is what created such a strong and powerful chain around it.

   This chain has allowed for a new portal to be open, one that connects our world with an unimagined fantasy that aims to play with all of humanity’s values in the most unexpected way.